Monday, April 21, 2008


It's day two here in Providence, recording two different releases with Nuclear Power Pants.

"Wicked Eats the Warrior" is an LP, and will contain many of the songs from the band's live repitoir.

"2027" is gonna be fucking awesome. Possibly being put out on Wham City Records, "2027" will be a 12" vinyl only release. Unfortunately, that's all I can say about it right now, you know? It's gonna be special, ok?

I'm not really in the band, because it's a Providence thing and I'm never there, but I used to be, and I might be joining them on synthesizer duty on tour in the fall. Pretty exciting!

For now, here's a photo of the session. We love the blacklights.

Right now, there's a little down time at the Metal Mansion, because Tides is practicing.

It's loud as fuck, and I'm sitting upstairs listening with my backside!


Sean said...

DUDE. i love i love to hear that npp is jamming hardcore. i'm like, such a big fan of that shit on the nuclear level. they should totally come out to NM to play a show. there are all kinds of atoms splitting out here and nuclear waste being poured into the desert and mushrooom clouds blooming out of extinct volcanoes. kick it real hard yo! i even have a venue or two for you! yes, that's correct. a venue. i want to help you make it in the digital age.

Anonymous said...

I know the secret of NPP now!

Do more posts, bro!