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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh Boy...

I do a really bad job updating this thingy!

Everything's cool, right?

My biggest thing happening now is finishing up the Future Islands album "In Evening Air" which will be coming out on Thrill Jockey early 2010. Oh Yeah!

I've got some photos from the tracking sessions last summer at their former abode "Dale Earnhouse". I can't find them though... oh well.

Happy new year!

email me! cgwazda@gmail.com

OH! And this site has FALLEN APART!
Believe it or not, I hosted a lot of the junk on GEOCITIES which bit the dust a few months ago, or so I hear. I just don't have the time to reorganize this junk right now. cool!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bromst Released

Dan Deacon's BROMST was officially released today!
I've spent a lot of time working with Dan in the past year, mostly helping him produce this record. Recording started last April in Silver Spring, MD, tracking mallet percussion with Rich and Kevin O'Meara.

I leave in a week to join Dan and his ensemble on a month long tour around the US. You can see the schedule on his myspace page. We're also playing The Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona at the end of June! Whoa!

Yeah, yeah... so the album did leak a few weeks ago. It was officially released today!

This has been up for a while:
Listen to BROMST on NPR.org

Here's a fun guy:
A video from Pitchfork about our time mixing the album in Montana.
It's in four parts. This is only one part of the final production, but there is some really great footage of the player piano, and Dan talking about the album. I make some chit-chat as well. Scope it!

That's me!

Here's a photo of Montana

I've also been doing some recording work with Video Hippos. We did a few songs that are to be released on a split with Sewn Leather.

Annnnnd continuing work on the Nuclear Power Pants full length which should be released in the fall.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bromst in Baltimore


Dan Deacon's album Bromst is nearing completion. I'm in Baltimore wrapping things up before we head to Snowghost, a studio in Whitefish, Montana. We'll be mixing the album up there Septemeber 8th-16th (also, the studio is right next to Glacier N.P, so I tacked on an extra week to go backpacking!). The studio is really incredible. Check out the site. It's gonna be great! The album is going to be mixed through their SSL console, and passed onto tape. Also, the studio owns a midi controllable piano, which Dan has written parts for in several songs. Like, insane parts that no person could ever play. It's gonna be cool!

This week has been spent tracking additional instruments and vocals that did not get done in the spring, as well as cleaning up the session files, and preparing to mix. Also, I hadn't been to Baltimore since May, so it was exciting to see my pals. I'll be moving here in November!

My (sometimes) band Nuclear Power Pants is going to be part of the Baltimore Round Robin Tour from October 2nd-18th. There are going to be over sixty people participating, riding around the northeast in two veggie busses. More fun stuff.

Here are the dates:
10/02 Boston, MA Mass Arts *
10/03 Boston, MA Mass Arts #
10/04 Montreal, QC Église Saint-Enfant Jésus / Pop Montreal *
10/05 Montreal, QC Église Saint-Enfant Jésus / Pop Montreal #
10/08 Detroit, MI Museum of Contemporary Art *
10/09 Detroit, MI Museum of Contemporary Art #
10/10 Chicago, IL Epiphany *
10/11 Chicago, IL Epiphany #
10/13 Oberlin, OH Oberlin College *
10/14 Oberlin, OH Oberlin College #
10/15 Philadelphia, PA Starlight Ballroom *
10/16 Philadelphia, PA Starlight Ballroom #
10/17 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge *
10/18 New York, NY Le Poisson Rouge #

* = Eyes Night
# = Feet Night


How are you?
Here's a photo I took of some celery!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The West Coast

The West Side!

I'm done with it!
It's been a pretty good summer, but I wanna feel that sweltering east coast heat right now.

Still looking for a way up to Portland (to catch my plane). Anyone? Anyone?

I went into San Francisco yesterday (a rare occasion), to see Teeth Mountain, a band from Baltimore that's on tour out here. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pal Greg who plays drums in Family of Love is playing with Teeth Mountain now (they have a heavy drum quota to fill).

Tomorrow, my heroes Future Islands are playing in SF.
While they're in town we'll be doing a short little precious two song session out here in Oakland (just a few days before I bug out!) I'll let u know how it goes! They are now a three piece trio group, with no live drumming, just that rock solid beat, u know?

Hey y'all!
I'm moving to Baltimore!
Big deal, right?

I going to try to get a place starting in Septemeber, ok?

Friday, June 27, 2008

LISTEN UP! Cara Beth "The Good Ones"

Cara Beth Satalino has printed up 100 copies of her album, "The Good Ones".

We recorded this material in June 2007 and February 2008. Wilma was a kitten in the summer, and a kitty cat in the winter.

You can listen to the whole album here, ok? It's only gonna be up for about a week, so if you like it you should order a copy!
Click here to buy the album, ok?

It's not up anymore. I was only leaving it up for a week, so there you go!

thanks cara
thanks theo
thanks wilma
thanks everyone

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm in Berkeley, California

Here I am!
Just saying hey. Not still not doing any recording out here, but things are still happening, I guess.

Cara Beth Satalino's album has been pressed up, and you can order copies on her myspace page. I might have it streaming on here for a little while in a little while! Keep looking out!

Cara is in a new band called Witches, and they rock. I saw some videos on their page, but I haven't seen them play. They just went on tour, but you should check that out. Really!

No other news...
uh.. OH!
When we were going from Portland to Berkeley we saw trees that were 370 feet tall! THE TALLEST!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jeez Louise

I'm in Portland, Oregon!

That's me and Noah wearing the traditional dress.
I haven't updated in a long while... that's ok though.

I've been in Portland writing music with my old pals Brian and Charlie. We're leaving to go down to Berkeley, CA on the 9th, where Lizzy and I will be living with my brother Farley. Big deal, right?

I'm bummed about missing Whartscape in July.
Last year it kicked butt. This year it's gonna kick serious butt.

I've neglected to give any news on my work on Dan Deacon's new album, Bromst. I didn't really want to spill any beans, but they have officially been spilled:

Dan was recently interviewed by Pitchfork, talking about the new album, which is due to be released in the fall. You can read the interview HERE!

I'm really psyched about Bromst. The pieces kicks serious butt. Dan does a good job describing the feel of the album in the above interview. The range of timbres on this album is much wider than the previous one, Spiderman of the Rings.
Part of this change is that he's added live musicians to the recordings. He asked me to help record drums and pitched percussion (marimba, glockenspiel, etc.) so I had several sessions in Baltimore and Silver Spring, Maryland before I left for Portland. Dan has since been adding additional electronics, effects, and vocals to the songs, plus mixing (which is beastly). He sent me two rough tracks, which are sounding incredible. A real treat!

Here are some photos of the sessions:
1) Kevin O'Meara with the glockenspiel Score for "Snookered"
2) Rich O'Meara playing glockenspiel while Kevin look on
3) Jeremy Hyman during drum tracking at Dan's space in Baltimore
4) Dan and Kevin reviewing takes

Monday, April 21, 2008


It's day two here in Providence, recording two different releases with Nuclear Power Pants.

"Wicked Eats the Warrior" is an LP, and will contain many of the songs from the band's live repitoir.

"2027" is gonna be fucking awesome. Possibly being put out on Wham City Records, "2027" will be a 12" vinyl only release. Unfortunately, that's all I can say about it right now, you know? It's gonna be special, ok?

I'm not really in the band, because it's a Providence thing and I'm never there, but I used to be, and I might be joining them on synthesizer duty on tour in the fall. Pretty exciting!

For now, here's a photo of the session. We love the blacklights.

Right now, there's a little down time at the Metal Mansion, because Tides is practicing.

It's loud as fuck, and I'm sitting upstairs listening with my backside!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LISTEN UP! ecstatic sunshine "way"

So Ecstatic Sunshine's newest record was officially released this week on Cardboard Records. It was recorded in September, and has three of the five songs we worked on during those sessions.

In fancynness for the big release, I've made the album available here in its entirety for you to listen to. Whoa is right!

It's not up anymore. I was only leaving it up for a week, so there you go!

You know...
They're leaving on a bigass national tour on the 17th. I'll be seeing them at the SUNY Purchase Culture Shock Festival next weekend. Anyone else going???
Scope their myspace for other shows.

thanks Ecstatic Sunshine
thanks Cardboard Records
thanks everyone..

Air Waves has released the material that we recorded together in the fall. It's a self titled EP with five songs, two or three of which I recorded.

It's on Catbird Records out of NY. Maybe we'll have that up here to listen to also, eh?

I made a 4'x4' spin art table today in the woods behind my house. It makes BIG SPIN ART!!!

(#2 of 2, so far)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Reporting: tour tour thor

I'm home! Home in NJ. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last... well...


Everything was da bomb, as I had expected...

It went like this:
Balimore MD: mixing with The Tall Grass
Raleigh NC: Lonnie Walker
Athens GA: Cara Beth Satalino
Athens GA: Mouser
Raleigh NC: Grass Widow
Baltimore MD: Ecstatic Sunshine (later)

There are a few photos (not many) on my flickr page

So I'm back in NJ with a whole bunch of mixing in front of me.

Here's some good news: Cara's album is finally done! Well, almost. Probably a few revisions still, but whoa! We started that project in June! Wow! I'll post a song or two when it's all set, ok?

Ecstatic Sunshine and I recorded three pieces in about four days in March. Also working on the project was Joe Williams of White Williams, who helped out with the extensive post-recording processing (sherman filterbank, tape, effects pedals). One of the songs will probably end up on a split with Lucky Dragons, from LA. I think that's cool for me to list, right? The lineup is now Matt on guitar, Kieran on space drum and a loop pedal, and Dave playing samples through an array of pedals. The loops have gone even more out of sync since last time we recorded in September. The line seems to have blurred between texture and melody. Also, structural changes are much subtler in the newer pieces, mostly slow fades, or adding or taking away one loop or note.

The guitar has become a slave to the cloud.

I got hooked up with Grass Widow from Raleigh, NC through their bassist, Mike Dillon, who I recorded in summer 2007 with his former band Tron Valdez. Grass Widow is much more straight up garage rock punkin it up and angst gimme guitars baby. You'll see, I'll be posting a song or two once I mix 'em. We did four songs total.

Working with Cara Satalino again was awesome. We had a killer time rappin' and garfieldin' and crosswordin' and nancy. We finished up the bass parts for two songs that had been in limbo since the summer. We even got two all new songs recorded, including a fullrocky/grungy version of "Shimmering Thing", a song that has been on her myspace in demo form since before we worked over the summer, (right)? This stuff is just about done. All mixed.. just minor revisions. FUCK YES!!!

In Athens, I also worked with Mouser. I had been talking to their drummer Mercer since the fall about doing some recording at some point, and we finally got to it. The band is in the middle of a big album project, and they wanted several of the songs to based around live performances. I was working as the tracking engineer for these songs, and when we finished up, I handed the sessions over to them to add upon. We were recording in the basement of the Secret Squirrel, which is the basement of Mercers home/business where he has a lot of really cool shows. I'm excited to hear where they take this stuff, but I think I'll have to wait like everyone else.

This whole southern jaunt was actually planned around trying to get down to Raleigh to work with Lonnie Walker in Raleigh, NC. I've worked with these guys twice, once last summer and most recently in January, when we got 90% of a record recorded at the Terpsikhore studio in Raleigh. I'm mixing it right now! Oh, also, I fell kinda good about building a little connection between these guys and Cara, who agreed to record a minor vocal part in their song "Crochet".

One more important note!
The Tall Grass LP that was tracked in November is finally done! Yay! Mixing with them was both the first and last stop of the tour. Whoa is right! I'll get somma that stuff up to, ok? Man, I need to update that fucking player... woot

Here's a photo of me wearing the cool flannel shirt that was given to me by Geoff from The Tall Grass, and mailed to me by Cara after I left it in Athens.
This link goes out to you guys!

Ooh! ooh!!
Cara gave me eleven Neil Young albums while I was down there. I don't think I can get my fill. I've been gettin down to Zuma. I'm really feelin Tonight's the Night. On the Beach slays me.
I guess I decided that if yr down with what Neil's got, then I'll be down with what you got, ya know?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh! Oh yeah!

Hey more and more I doing some more music all everyone join hands!

I'm in Athens, GA right now at the Secret Squirrel working with the band Mouser. Last week I was also in Athens finishing up some material with Cara Beth Satalino. Over the summer we had done some songs, and two of them needed bass parts still, and we finally did them! We also recorded one new song which was essentially guitar and vocals, as well as re-recording her song "Shimmering Thing", which is on her myspace page in demo form (which I actually like a lot!). So six songs total with her! I think when she releases this EP, it will pretty much be thebomb.com!

Last week after leaving Baltimore, I traveled to Raleigh, NC to finish up work with Lonnie Walker. This was a beast of a project, and we got twelve (?) songs finished, tracking each instrument individually. I took a whole notebook woth of take notes. Oh my god! It shall be the beast!

Next is back up to Raleigh to work with Grass Widow. In trying to describe their sound to me, Mike Dillon said they're "Echo and the Bunnymen with ADHD? The Clash with no class?" Pretty good!

Anyway, this is just a little tiny small update. I'm having a good time here in Athens (as always).

On another note, Future Islands has released Wave Like Home, which we recorded together last summer. It's being released on Valient Death records out of Richmond, Va. The release party is just following the Wham City premier of Jurrassic Park, which should be dope city, and all that. I'm so pissed I'm missing it. It's this friday, and I'll be down here in the southlands. Bummer. Also, Nulcear Power Pants is playing, so is EAR PWR, and Bird Names. Anyone in that realm of the Earth would be a fool to miss out, that's all.

ok, well that's it for now. I'm sorry that the last few posts have read like something out of a diary. I suppose I sort of treat this like a weird public diary, I don't know why. Whatever! No regrets!

Maybe I'll start the next post "dear diary..." That would not be funny.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm here in Baltimore mixing the Tall Grass songs which we recorded in November. There's been a little tracking, but not much. There's ice all over everything outside, but that's ok, because I didn't even step out of the house today! I leave for Raleigh on Thursday. Sunny Raleigh...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hi! It's a thing!

I'm here again. Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted, but I suppose it's been a long time since I've done something worth posting here! Uh-Oh!

New News!

I've booked another short jaunt down south. It's similar to the one I did over the summer, and it's round two with several bands, which is great!
Here's a rundown, but you can always check the calendar to see what's up, you know?

Baltimore: Mixing with The Tall Grass. We tracked all the way back in November and haven't had a chance to mix until now. I have been aching to hear these songs finished, and it's finally happening!

Raleigh: In early January I went down to Raleigh to record a full length with Lonnie Walker. The album will be on Terpsikhore Records, and it's being recorded at the label's studio in Raleigh. We almost finished it, but there's still some work to do, so there you go.

Athens: Cara Beth Satalino and I worked together over the summer, and we're going to finish up some of that material, and record some new stuff too.

Athens: I've never worked with Mouser before, but I saw them play in Baltimore in the fall. Mercer, who plays drums, is really involved with the Athens DIY music world, and runs the Secret Squirrel. We're still tweaking our schedules on this one, but I think it's a go! Yay!

Raleigh: I think I may be jumping the gun on this one, because I haven't heard back. Who cares! Mike Dillon from Tron Valdez has a new band called Grass Widow, and we had talked about recording, but hadn't notched out a time. I sure hope it works out! Mike is really fun to work with, and he says he's got something special going on!!

Baltimore: This will be my second time working with Ecstatic Sunshine. The lineup has changed since we worked last time. Dustin has left, and David Zimmerman has joined, and is I think is working a sampler going through pedals. Also, much of the last recording (titled Way) was done without Kieran, who had recently joined. I think we'll be doing most of the work in a four day chunk in early March. ok?


Dan Deacon is getting ready to record his next album, which is going to contain a good deal of acoustic instruments like marimba, drums, and piano, plus vocals. He's asked me act as engineer and producer for these parts. The working title is Bronst, and he's been playing many of the songs live for the past year. I am so excited to work on this material, and while we were in Europe I was able to really get a feel for how things were working together, and how the songs would shape up in the studio. We don't have a time set for this one yet, but we'll probably start work in March or April.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Europe! In Prague! Online!

Good good good!

I'm having a wonderful time here in Europe with Dan Deacon. I just wanted to be like, "hey!"


It's been really busy, and kinda coo-koo and really fun, but there's so much to tell, and way too much to write about, so I'm just going to link to the photos that gradually stream in.

my flickr page!

There you have it!

Here are some bands that Dan has been playing with during this tour:

Gay Against You from Glasgow

Partyshank from London

You're Only Massive from WATERFORD, IRELAND

No Age from LA, played in London

Girl Talk from Pittsburgh, played in Paris (and also Antwerp on Saturday)

I've uploaded two new songs to the player!

Kiki is one of nine songs by The Tall Grass that we recorded in November. The album is still unmixed, but it's fun to here that stuff!

Kingdom is one of four songs recorded with Air Waves from Brooklyn.


Monday, November 19, 2007


So I googled myself tonight.
For those of you that don't know what googling is click here and find out.

I was supremely satisfied with the first hit!

Here is a link to the results for the google search "chester endersby gwazda"

The internet is a fickle place. Google is fickle. "Jam Session" is no longer the top hit, and I can't explain it. In times like these, there's nothing to do, but accept the fate of the google, and appreciate that "Jam Session" is even in in my results.

This week is Thanksgiving and I am at home in NJ (big surprise).

I have some things to mix before I leave for Europe on the 25th. I think I'll post some mp3s in a day or two, oK?

Also, I bought myself a super sweet digital camera!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New News

oK oK oK...
I'm not in Peru anymore... actually I've been back for over a week!

I'm in Baltimore with The Tall Grass.

Jared lives at Floristree, where I've been before. It's a great place.

The instrumentation is three electric guitars, drums and vocals. Sometimes there is acoustic guitar. Sometimes there is keyboard. There are nine songs total, and we have all the basic tracks recorded. We tracked the songs live with as much isolation between instruments as possible, so that some of tracks can be replaced later (for better performances/sonic qualitly).


I will be going to Europe for a month with Dan Deacon to handle his live sound, sell merch, and lug gear. We leave on November 25th. I've never been to that continent before! Check out Dan's myspace page for the dates. Really exciting!

In early January, I will hopefully be going back down to Raleigh, NC to do another album with Lonnie Walker at a studio run by the band Annuals, which I don't know much about. Yes, yeah...

I'm listening to "Something in the Way" right now.
Now I'm listening to "Cecilia".

Saturday, October 27, 2007

नॉट ब्लोग्गिंग... इन पेरू

I´m in Peru on the internet. That´s oK. I´m not making any music. It´s really great here. I´m visiting my girlfriend, Lizzy. Were having fun.

I´ll be making music in Baltimore next week with The Tall Grass. oK?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Google Sky View

Who's seen the new version of Google Earth? You can hit a button and explore the sky the same way you explore the Earth! It is seriously rad, and I seriously think you should download it (here)! I wouldn't kid around about this. It's serious stuff (space dust).


That's all I'm going to say about that.

Here's a screenshot with it centered on the Crab Nebula. It isn't even all the way zoomed

Echo Chamber

I made a little echo chamber out of my parent's living room today. The basement where I recorded Air Waves was small, with low ceilings and carpet, so there was virtually no room sound. I could just add fake plugin reverb to stuff, but my reverb plugins suck, so I did this. I think the sound of this room is better than I could get with most plugins anyway. It sounds like a small reflective living room. Perfect!

Another reason I wanted to do this was because almost all the sounds other than the drum kit were miked in mono, which is boring.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Air Waves


Air Waves
We worked on Friday and Saturday in Long Island, and got four songs recorded (one being "Gems", which has been recorded before, and is up on their myspace page.

A new song which I called Newsies

I would put up pictures, but I still have to make the digital revolution Y2K.

I'm going to mix this week. Yes.

Later in the week I'll be going back down to Baltimore to work with Smart Growth. I think it's really gonna happen this time!

Oh! And I'm going to Peru for 10 days in less than two weeks! My girlfriend, Lizzy, has been studying there since the beginning of September. It's crazy! I can't wait!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ecstatic Sunshine Mixerz

I was in Baltimore for the past three days making revisions to the Ecstatic Sunshine mixes. I'm really glad we decided to do that. It was very important. We recorded five songs total, one which we created this week by sampling a section of one of the other songs, looping it, and effecting it. The order of the songs (and actually, which ones will be included) is still undecided.

The record will hopefully come out early next year on Cardboard Records.

Ecstatic Sunshine's second full length was released just last week. It's called Living and it's available online from Wildfire Wildfire Records. It's an LP with a CD enclosed. Yeah!

I'm going to Brooklyn tomorrow to record Airwaves. Actually, I think we're working somewhere on Long Island. I don't know anything about that place. Long Island...

We're working for just two days, Friday and Saturday.

On another note, I got new monitors! Now if I make some stupid sound that I like because of how stupid it is, I can be sure it really sounds as stupid as it is, and I'm not being decieved by poor monitoring! Yay!

I got the Adam A7's because I read that they were good. They are! I like them a lot!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going to NYC this weekend... no joke!

Yes, I'm going to see Ecstatic Sunshine play with Dirty Projectors at the Mercury Lounge on Friday, and with Zs at the Silent Barn on Saturday.

On Sunday I'll be going to Baltimore to finish up some mixing with Matt and Dustin from Ecstatic Sunshine for a day or two. Then it's back to New York to work with Air Waves in Brooklyn. Ryan, the bassist in Airwaves is also Ryan from Hologram, and it will be nice to work with him again. Nicole Schneit writes the songs for Air Waves, and they are really good!
(air waves)

(I nabbed this picture off of Flickr. I hope that's ok leafblower!)

Oh yeah!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just Kidding!

I'm not actually going to Baltimore. Denny just called me, and he can't work this week.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Smart Growth!

I'm going down to Baltimore this week to record drums with Smart Growth, which is Denny Bowen. We're recording exclusively drums. The project is completely electronic otherwise. Denny lives in the Copy Cat building, which should be really good for recording drums, because all the places are big warehouse type places with high ceilings. Yesssssssssssssssssss!

Denny also plays drums in Double Dagger and plays guitar in Yukon. I think I'll be down there all week. This weekend Ecstatic Sunshine is playing with Dirty Projectors at the Mercury Lounge on Friday, and Zs at the Silent Barn on Saturday. I think I'll be up for both shows. Fun in the big city!! Hey!

Monday, September 17, 2007


So the mixed (almost totally mixed) version of "Tropical Number One" by Ecstatic Sunshine is FINALLY uploaded, and you can listen to it compared to the unmixed one if you want. I decided to do that with this track because we changed the sound pretty drastically when mixing this project. It's interesting. It is!

So I was in NYC this weekend hanging out with Dan Deacon and friends. Dan is on tour with Girl Talk, and they played both Webster Hall and The Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night. It was really fun. I was up in the special section at Webster Hall and it was weird. I was on the floor at the Bowery, and it was sick-wicked.

On Sunday there was a Todd P. show outdoors in Brooklyn.
There were a bunch of bad ass bands:

Dan Deacon
Aa (aka BIG A little a)
Best Fwends
These Are Powers
High Places

My neck is really sore from headbanging.

I didn't have my camera, but I'm an ace at searching Flickr! Both photos are from someone who I guess was standing right next to me. Not a big deal. The bottom one is of Ben Furgal dancing in a circle. It was sassy as fuck.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Some photos from Baltimore

For a whole bunch of photos, go to my picasa page.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ecsttc Snshn mix

So I've uploaded the finished mix of "Tropical #1". It's up in the player just below the unmixed one. Compare them! You'll see why I said the mixing made some drastic changes. I'll leave them up there together for a while, but not too long...

I'm psyced!

(oh, on a side note, I'm up kinda late here at the Floristree in Baltimore, and I think one of the roomates fell asleep with a locked-groove jamming pretty high. It's, like, a slide guitar thing with piano. It's kinda nice, but it's the sort of thing that gets irritating after 45 minutes. Ok!)



So we just finished up mixing the Ecstatic Sunshine recording. We did four songs total. Two of the songs are over ten minutes long. The whole project was really exciting to be a part of. We spent far more time mixing than tracking. The changes made during mixing were significant. Lots of stuff was sent through ¼" tape. We added a ton of grit in this way. We ran some sounds though effect pedals. We did crazy stuff. We took out whole sections of songs. It was great. Anyway, I'll probably get some stuff up tonight...

(click this photo!)

So I'm leaving Baltimore (after being here for over a week) to go up to New York to see an art show in Long Island City that my brother Farley has work in. The show is called Artifact-Metafact: artists exploring the transformation of visual symbols, and is at Repetti Gallery, and the opening is on Saturday night. Pretty psyced. Unfortunately, Farley won't be there, because he's in California studying art ('er sumpin') at UC Berkley.

Here is a post describing the project. I'd like to go as some sort of surrogate for my brother, but I think it would be stupid to send someone to talk for you who doesn't know what they're talking about...