Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jeez Louise

I'm in Portland, Oregon!

That's me and Noah wearing the traditional dress.
I haven't updated in a long while... that's ok though.

I've been in Portland writing music with my old pals Brian and Charlie. We're leaving to go down to Berkeley, CA on the 9th, where Lizzy and I will be living with my brother Farley. Big deal, right?

I'm bummed about missing Whartscape in July.
Last year it kicked butt. This year it's gonna kick serious butt.

I've neglected to give any news on my work on Dan Deacon's new album, Bromst. I didn't really want to spill any beans, but they have officially been spilled:

Dan was recently interviewed by Pitchfork, talking about the new album, which is due to be released in the fall. You can read the interview HERE!

I'm really psyched about Bromst. The pieces kicks serious butt. Dan does a good job describing the feel of the album in the above interview. The range of timbres on this album is much wider than the previous one, Spiderman of the Rings.
Part of this change is that he's added live musicians to the recordings. He asked me to help record drums and pitched percussion (marimba, glockenspiel, etc.) so I had several sessions in Baltimore and Silver Spring, Maryland before I left for Portland. Dan has since been adding additional electronics, effects, and vocals to the songs, plus mixing (which is beastly). He sent me two rough tracks, which are sounding incredible. A real treat!

Here are some photos of the sessions:
1) Kevin O'Meara with the glockenspiel Score for "Snookered"
2) Rich O'Meara playing glockenspiel while Kevin look on
3) Jeremy Hyman during drum tracking at Dan's space in Baltimore
4) Dan and Kevin reviewing takes

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