Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LISTEN UP! ecstatic sunshine "way"

So Ecstatic Sunshine's newest record was officially released this week on Cardboard Records. It was recorded in September, and has three of the five songs we worked on during those sessions.

In fancynness for the big release, I've made the album available here in its entirety for you to listen to. Whoa is right!

It's not up anymore. I was only leaving it up for a week, so there you go!

You know...
They're leaving on a bigass national tour on the 17th. I'll be seeing them at the SUNY Purchase Culture Shock Festival next weekend. Anyone else going???
Scope their myspace for other shows.

thanks Ecstatic Sunshine
thanks Cardboard Records
thanks everyone..

Air Waves has released the material that we recorded together in the fall. It's a self titled EP with five songs, two or three of which I recorded.

It's on Catbird Records out of NY. Maybe we'll have that up here to listen to also, eh?

I made a 4'x4' spin art table today in the woods behind my house. It makes BIG SPIN ART!!!

(#2 of 2, so far)