Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In Europe! In Prague! Online!

Good good good!

I'm having a wonderful time here in Europe with Dan Deacon. I just wanted to be like, "hey!"


It's been really busy, and kinda coo-koo and really fun, but there's so much to tell, and way too much to write about, so I'm just going to link to the photos that gradually stream in.

my flickr page!

There you have it!

Here are some bands that Dan has been playing with during this tour:

Gay Against You from Glasgow

Partyshank from London

You're Only Massive from WATERFORD, IRELAND

No Age from LA, played in London

Girl Talk from Pittsburgh, played in Paris (and also Antwerp on Saturday)

I've uploaded two new songs to the player!

Kiki is one of nine songs by The Tall Grass that we recorded in November. The album is still unmixed, but it's fun to here that stuff!

Kingdom is one of four songs recorded with Air Waves from Brooklyn.



Eff Gwazdor said...

Chester - these new tracks are really great. I can still recognize your "sound," but probably only because I know these tracks are yours. I think having a "light touch" as a producer is really important. Most people don't look for the production - they just want to hear the song "as it really sounds" - which is of course an illusion, huh? But if you use your sensibilities to record the way you do, the songs sound very untouched and pristine.

I wonder where you are now? Hope all is well.

Maebh Cheasty said...

hi there, thank you so much for linking to us
maebh (youre only massive)
p.s. we're from waterford, though the gig was in dublin...gotta rep the hometown!