Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hi! It's a thing!

I'm here again. Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted, but I suppose it's been a long time since I've done something worth posting here! Uh-Oh!

New News!

I've booked another short jaunt down south. It's similar to the one I did over the summer, and it's round two with several bands, which is great!
Here's a rundown, but you can always check the calendar to see what's up, you know?

Baltimore: Mixing with The Tall Grass. We tracked all the way back in November and haven't had a chance to mix until now. I have been aching to hear these songs finished, and it's finally happening!

Raleigh: In early January I went down to Raleigh to record a full length with Lonnie Walker. The album will be on Terpsikhore Records, and it's being recorded at the label's studio in Raleigh. We almost finished it, but there's still some work to do, so there you go.

Athens: Cara Beth Satalino and I worked together over the summer, and we're going to finish up some of that material, and record some new stuff too.

Athens: I've never worked with Mouser before, but I saw them play in Baltimore in the fall. Mercer, who plays drums, is really involved with the Athens DIY music world, and runs the Secret Squirrel. We're still tweaking our schedules on this one, but I think it's a go! Yay!

Raleigh: I think I may be jumping the gun on this one, because I haven't heard back. Who cares! Mike Dillon from Tron Valdez has a new band called Grass Widow, and we had talked about recording, but hadn't notched out a time. I sure hope it works out! Mike is really fun to work with, and he says he's got something special going on!!

Baltimore: This will be my second time working with Ecstatic Sunshine. The lineup has changed since we worked last time. Dustin has left, and David Zimmerman has joined, and is I think is working a sampler going through pedals. Also, much of the last recording (titled Way) was done without Kieran, who had recently joined. I think we'll be doing most of the work in a four day chunk in early March. ok?


Dan Deacon is getting ready to record his next album, which is going to contain a good deal of acoustic instruments like marimba, drums, and piano, plus vocals. He's asked me act as engineer and producer for these parts. The working title is Bronst, and he's been playing many of the songs live for the past year. I am so excited to work on this material, and while we were in Europe I was able to really get a feel for how things were working together, and how the songs would shape up in the studio. We don't have a time set for this one yet, but we'll probably start work in March or April.