Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The West Coast

The West Side!

I'm done with it!
It's been a pretty good summer, but I wanna feel that sweltering east coast heat right now.

Still looking for a way up to Portland (to catch my plane). Anyone? Anyone?

I went into San Francisco yesterday (a rare occasion), to see Teeth Mountain, a band from Baltimore that's on tour out here. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pal Greg who plays drums in Family of Love is playing with Teeth Mountain now (they have a heavy drum quota to fill).

Tomorrow, my heroes Future Islands are playing in SF.
While they're in town we'll be doing a short little precious two song session out here in Oakland (just a few days before I bug out!) I'll let u know how it goes! They are now a three piece trio group, with no live drumming, just that rock solid beat, u know?

Hey y'all!
I'm moving to Baltimore!
Big deal, right?

I going to try to get a place starting in Septemeber, ok?

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