Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Oh! Oh yeah!

Hey more and more I doing some more music all everyone join hands!

I'm in Athens, GA right now at the Secret Squirrel working with the band Mouser. Last week I was also in Athens finishing up some material with Cara Beth Satalino. Over the summer we had done some songs, and two of them needed bass parts still, and we finally did them! We also recorded one new song which was essentially guitar and vocals, as well as re-recording her song "Shimmering Thing", which is on her myspace page in demo form (which I actually like a lot!). So six songs total with her! I think when she releases this EP, it will pretty much be!

Last week after leaving Baltimore, I traveled to Raleigh, NC to finish up work with Lonnie Walker. This was a beast of a project, and we got twelve (?) songs finished, tracking each instrument individually. I took a whole notebook woth of take notes. Oh my god! It shall be the beast!

Next is back up to Raleigh to work with Grass Widow. In trying to describe their sound to me, Mike Dillon said they're "Echo and the Bunnymen with ADHD? The Clash with no class?" Pretty good!

Anyway, this is just a little tiny small update. I'm having a good time here in Athens (as always).

On another note, Future Islands has released Wave Like Home, which we recorded together last summer. It's being released on Valient Death records out of Richmond, Va. The release party is just following the Wham City premier of Jurrassic Park, which should be dope city, and all that. I'm so pissed I'm missing it. It's this friday, and I'll be down here in the southlands. Bummer. Also, Nulcear Power Pants is playing, so is EAR PWR, and Bird Names. Anyone in that realm of the Earth would be a fool to miss out, that's all.

ok, well that's it for now. I'm sorry that the last few posts have read like something out of a diary. I suppose I sort of treat this like a weird public diary, I don't know why. Whatever! No regrets!

Maybe I'll start the next post "dear diary..." That would not be funny.

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Eiffel Gwazdor said...

It'd be funny if YOU did it, bro.