Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ecstatic Sunshine Mixerz

I was in Baltimore for the past three days making revisions to the Ecstatic Sunshine mixes. I'm really glad we decided to do that. It was very important. We recorded five songs total, one which we created this week by sampling a section of one of the other songs, looping it, and effecting it. The order of the songs (and actually, which ones will be included) is still undecided.

The record will hopefully come out early next year on Cardboard Records.

Ecstatic Sunshine's second full length was released just last week. It's called Living and it's available online from Wildfire Wildfire Records. It's an LP with a CD enclosed. Yeah!

I'm going to Brooklyn tomorrow to record Airwaves. Actually, I think we're working somewhere on Long Island. I don't know anything about that place. Long Island...

We're working for just two days, Friday and Saturday.

On another note, I got new monitors! Now if I make some stupid sound that I like because of how stupid it is, I can be sure it really sounds as stupid as it is, and I'm not being decieved by poor monitoring! Yay!

I got the Adam A7's because I read that they were good. They are! I like them a lot!

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